Thursday, February 28, 2008

OFWs: are they really our heroes?

Did you know that SPED (Special Education) was authored by one of the first Mapa High Blue Falcon awardees, Dr. Mati.lde Martin-Valdes , and was first conducted in Mapa High School? Dr. Valdes single-handedly designed the curricula, syllabi and bibliographies for 40 SPED courses including those on giftedness and creativity at the masters and certificate degree levels and the organization, administration and supervision of SPED programs. She was instrumental in the enactment of R.A. 5250 passed in 1968 which provided for a ten-year scholarship program for SPED teachers and administrators all over the country. Her pioneering efforts resulted in the organization of SPED programs and services including those for the gifted and the mentally challenged in Asia.

The downside is that after two years of experience here, SPED teachers leave for gainful employment abroad educating and developing gifted and mentally challenge students instead of helping our own. This is how we deprive our country and ourselves with the talents for becoming a better country with a robust economy. When these special students grow up they are undereducated and become a burden to their family instead of growing up as fully contributing members of our society.

We are not looking far, we want immediate gratification from OFW remittances. Maybe, we need to make more babies who will become our future OFWs. Sad thoughts.

On a happy note, congratulations to the 11 intrepid Blue Falcon Awardees of V. Mapa High School at its Homecoming and Grand Reunion last Sunday at Wack-Wack Golf & Country Club.

The 2008 awardees are:

· Paciencia Villalon-Cruz (Class '35) for education. Besides being a teacher, Ms. Cruz is also a textbook writer for social studies, feature writer and contributor to various publications.
· Democrito Yambao Caparas (Class '57) for diplomatic media. Ambassador Caparas started as a diplomatic editor of The Manila Times; is publisher-editor of the "Ambassador Journal"; established the MalacaƱang Reference, information kit for Diplomatic Posts.
· Dr. Zenaida Racasa-Alijas ('58) for humanitarian services. She initiated the flu vaccination for Filipino-American senior citizens as well as the uninsured, disenfranchised members of the community in Texas. She volunteered on several medical missions to the Philippines and embarked on various fund raising activities for the construction of a community center in Gawad-Kalinga projects in Camarines Sur.
· Dr. Paulino D. Sambat ('58) for medicine. He has received various awards from various organizations in the USA where he has his practice. He funded the construction of deep wells in Pampanga and Taguig City thru the Gawad Kalinga Program.
· Emmanuel L. Osorio ('59) for community service. He has been involved in peace negotiations for Muslims to return to the fold of the law in Lanao, Maguindanao, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. He initiated the planting of Tuba-tuba to promote clean air along highways, riverbanks and boundaries. Presently he coordinates with farmers of Toledo City for replanting of coconuts and cacao and with seaweed farmers and fishing operators to help uplift their living conditions.
· Victor A. Alisangco ('58) for aviation technology. He initiated the centralization of flight dispatch from Manila, flight planning procedures for efficient fuel management, restructuring of technical stops of trans-Pacific flights among others.
· Dr. Victor T. Valbuena ('63) for mass communication. He wrote the book "Philippine Theater Arts and Development Communication." He was honored by the Government of Singapore for outstanding contribution to education and teaching and by Centro Escolar University for outstanding achievement in teaching Mass Communication.
· This writer ('64) for management consultancy.
· Rear Admiral Edgardo M. Israel (64) for naval service. While in active duty, he received numerous medals and ribbons among them the Bintang Yudha Dharma Nararya from the President of Indonesia. We were both in Section 1 from 2nd to 4th year.
· Dr. Jose Hermes M. Abante ('71) for theology. He holds several distinctions and positions for preaching and spreading the Good News of God under the Bible Baptist Church in USA, Canada and here.
· Demetrio D. Posadas ('71) for entrepreneurship. He is one of the prime movers of socialized housing in the Philippines.

The Blue Falcon Award was given starting 1983 and to date there has only been a total of 232 awardees out of millions of graduates of Mapa (formerly Manila East) High. It is indeed a big honor to be one of the recipients of this singular award.;

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Anonymous said...

I am not pro-OFWing, primarily because OFWing separates families, denies children the true love that they deserve from parents, and perhaps also, because of the same reason this author writes.

However, it's not their fault. It's the business owners' and government's fault here in our country. If businesses and governments paid well enough, why leave the country? But like entrepreneurs, they're taking a risk, perhaps the wrong ones, because they are putting their families and children directly on the line.