Thursday, March 1, 2007

Website Up-To-Date

We would like to announce that this Learning & Innovation Website is now up-to-date. You can now read all past articles from my Learning & Innovation column and more!

We are trying to find a way to have an e-mail alert function so that you don't have to keep visiting the site to wait for new articles. You can just get alerted by e-mail.

Meanwhile, stay in touch with the website for new articles. I will talk about our recent climb to Mt. Pulag in the next few articles.

You can also check out the Book Reviews. Click on the "About P&PC" link to find out more about Paradigms & Paradoxes Corp.

Remember, on this website you can post your comments to individual articles, past or current, or send links to individual articles to your friends via e-mail.

Have fun!

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