Thursday, July 31, 2008

When lady boomers go out

Learning & Innovation

By Moje Ramos-Aquino, FPM


When lady boomers go out


Yes, there is now a big baby boomer market out there.  Let me give our budding entrepreneurs a glimpse into the products and services that appeal to lady boomers and that turn us off.


It was day out with the girls on different days.  The previous week, it was with BFF Gigie Peñalosa and Edith Cabalu straight to Shangri-la Plaza cinema to watch Mama Mia.  After suffering through seemingly interminable TV ad on practically all channels—to the point that I turn off the TV when the commercial went on—I've lost the appetite to watch the movie.  But my two friends prevailed and I wasn't disappointed.  In fact, you should watch it for sheer entertainment.  Meryl Streep might just get the nod of Oscar members for Best Actress plum.  It was a bit awkward, though, to watch James Bond cooing and crooning.  Uncharacteristically demure.  Over-all, it was well acted, well-sang and well-danced by all the actors in it.  I am raring to see the stage version—next year.


Then, it was some pampering time at Shangri-la Mall's Chi Spa as a birthday treat from Gigie.  I was sore all over for a week after so I better not discuss this.


And that made us so hungry, we drove to Podium for some dinner and just deserts.  The Hainanese Chicken at Banana Leaf left much to be desired and just made me long for the original recipe of Boontong Kee in Singapore and also the yummy version of Dusit Coffee Shop and the recipe of Nora Daza which I have clipped from her column a long  time ago and which I continue to cook to this day to the delight of whoever shares my dining table.


The fiorgelato of Pagliacci on the fifth floor more than compensated for an uneventful dinner.


It was Gateway Mall last Saturdayi for a bonding session with my Rotary classmate Susan Valencia.  We missed Berna Ronduen and Elvie Obaña.  We first enjoyed Greek Salad, sandwich and beverages at Figaro.  I like their Greek Salad—the ingredients are complete like the Greeks would make it and the portion is just right plus their dressing is super.  Then we tried the Globe Platinum Cinema on the fifth floor.  At Php350, you get to watch the movie very comfortably in a La-Z-Boy recliner; it was like watching a movie at home.  They have a well-furnished and cozy waiting room at the foyer and you get all you can eat popcorn and all you can drink soda.  Wow!


The theater could only accommodate 50 with a coffee table between the seats.  If all movie houses are built this way and offer such amenities, I am sure more people will watch movies on the big screen rather than buy those DVD copies in Greenhills, Metrowalk and BF Ruins.


If you need movie that will stimulate your mental abilities, watch The Dark Knight.  Focus on the Joker, not on Batman.  I will not be surprised if the late Heath Ledger gets the nod of the Oscars judges for his superb acting here.


While waiting for our appointed viewing time, we walked around Gateway and there was this spa that has the sign "foot spa starting at Php49" written in big bold letters on its wall.  We inquired about it and to our disappointment, their actual price list starts at Php250.  The receptionist did not answer my question about the Php49.  Untruth in advertising?


Today, we will bring our balikbayan sorority sis Raquel Jacobo and hubby Jake to the Urban Spa, 5/F Shangrila Plaza Mall. Will tell you about our experience next column.


As a reaction to our column last Saturday, I received this email from the PRO of Araneta Center, Ma. Robelle Baldoza:  I have called the attention of the local store (Fairmart) supervisor, Circe Undras, to clarify the matter. According to her, they have reinforced security measures due to increased reports of shoplifting within the premises and due to the outlet's lack of a package counter, hence they have implemented a policy to check the belongings of everyone, including their employees, who exits the outlet's premises. She has assured me that they are going to take appropriate actions regarding this matter. Our Farmers Plaza property manager as well as our Operations team will also coordinate with the outlet's management to ensure that no such incident will ever happen again. and

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