Thursday, May 15, 2008

What should we do when the lights go out?

One person who would rather light a candle than curse the darkness is Jackson Sia.
Jack's family used to have a plastic factory that made novelty items like mirrors and hairbrushes. After 25 profitable years, they had to close shop because their overhead costs have overtaken their profits. Similar products from China have taken over the market because of their low price.

To make use of his marketing expertise, Jack joined Megapack Container Corporation as packaging sales executive. He sold balikbayan boxes, industrial boxes and corrugated boxes. Somehow this industry has also shrunk because of rising cost of raw materials and less companies are using boxes. Their client manufacturing companies have either shifted to using plastic boxes, or are now also sourcing their packaging boxes from China or they have closed down forever or have relocated their plants in other countries. This is what happened to one of their clients, Colgate Palmolive Philippines which has uprooted their plant here and is now only maintaining a sales office. (I told you we need to Buy Pinoy products like Hapee and Kutitap that will stay here and provide employment in our job-starved country). There is also the emergence of new, smaller companies. Big companies like Unibox and Johannesburg have folded up.

With four children and a beautiful full-time stay-at-home wife (Glen), Jack decided to add other income generating activities to his life rather than simply work for a salary. He decided to become a sales and product consultant for VitaPlus, a multi-level marketing company that sells a juice drink that promotes health and wellness.
Jack proudly says that he is able to derive a sizable income from this venture and, more importantly, through the regular training programs provided by FQ Marketing, he is honing his entrepreneurial and leadership skills, more than just his marketing skills.

He has now developed his own group of distributors who are themselves also earning from this endeavor. Jack says that when you share your secrets for success, you become more successful. The more his team sells, the better his earnings also because he gets commission from their sales. He has expanded his network around the Philippines, Palau, El Salvador, Norway and Canada. He says that these are Balikbayans who tried VitaPlus while here and became happy customers. Now they also sell and earn; so does Jack.

Two years ago, Jack started with VitaPlus on a parttime basis. But he saw a big potential in it and is now into it fulltime. The advantages he says is, aside from earning more than salary, he owns his own time, he earns as much as he puts time and effort into it, he is able to help his team and he has enlarged his circle of influence. Before, he used to move around with family and relatives, a few people in his business, then his friends at the Rotary Club of Mandaluyong North (where he was twice president), now he becomes emboldened to make new friends and include them in his sphere of power.

He asserts that he is a leader who loves to create leaders. Join Jack's leaders' circle and light more candles as we face a dim economic future; call him at 09209545628.

I am not a fan of multi-level marketing thingy, but Jack's enthusiasm is contagious. I might not do any selling, but I am buying his product which is very refreshing although sweetish.

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