Thursday, June 15, 2006

Trust described

Business Times p.B3
Thursday, June 15, 2006

By Moje Ramos-Aquino, FPM
Trust described

OVER the weekend while in Davao, I researched on the concept of “trust” and found that there is not much material directly discussing the matter. In some books on teambuilding, there are a couple of exercises on building trust, but not much discussion. So I looked up a trust in and this is part of what I found.

As a verb,

Trust—have confidence or faith in; “We can trust in God;” “Rely on your friends;” “bank on your good education;” “I swear by my grandmother’s recipes” rely, swear, bank

Believe—accept as true; take to be true; “I believed his report;” “We didn’t believe his stories from the War;” “She believes in spirits”

Credit—have trust in; trust in the truth or veracity of

Lean—rely on for support; “We can lean on this man”

Depend, bet, reckon, calculate, count, look—have faith or confidence in; “you can count on me to help you any time;” “Look to your friends for support;” “You can bet on that!;” “Depend on your family in times of crisis”

Trusttrust—allow without fear, be confident about something, expect and wish; “I believe that he will come back from the war”

Entrust, intrust, confide, commit—confer a trust upon; “The messenger was entrusted with the general’s secret;” “I commit my soul to God”

Commend—give to in charge; “I commend my children to you”

Anticipate, expect—regard something as probable or likely; “The meteorologists are expecting rain for tomorrow”

Wish—hope for; have a wish; “I wish I could go home now”

Countenance, permit, allow, let—consent to, give permission; “She permitted her son to visit her estranged husband;” “I won’t let the police search her basement;” “I cannot allow you to see your exam”

Hand, pass on, turn over, pass, reach, give—place into the hands or custody of; “hand me the spoon, please;” “Turn the files over to me, please;” “He turned over the prisoner to his lawyers”

Consign, charge—give over to another for care or safekeeping; “consign your baggage”

As a noun,

Trust—certainty based on past experience; “he wrote the paper with considerable reliance on the work of other scientists;” “he put more trust in his own two legs than in the gun”

Certainty—the state of being certain; “his certainty reassured the others”

Trusttrust—the trait of trusting; of believing in the honesty and reliability of others; “the experience destroyed his trust and personal dignity.” Also, complete confidence in a person or plan etc; “he cherished the faith of a good woman;” “the doctor-patient relationship is based on trust.” And, a trustful relationship; “he took me into his confidence;” “he betrayed their trust”

As trait—a distinguishing feature of your personal nature

Belief—any cognitive content held as true

Credulity—tendency to believe readily

These descriptions tell us how to trust. Next ish, let’s talk about the absence of trust.

I am part of a team from the Department of Tourism that trains tourist police. I handle values orientation. In Davao, there are 70 tourist police entrusted with the task of “protecting foreign tourists.” I say that we equally protect our fellow Filipinos, especially our women and children, from these tourists. Unfortunately, many of the kind of tourists we attract are not necessarily trustworthy as some come here for reasons other than to appreciate our country and people. Look around Boracay, Manila and others.

Likewise, when we say, “protect tourists,” my question is: “from whom”? Do we discriminate against our fellow Filipinos to please tourists? We are overdoing things again.

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