Thursday, February 16, 2006

Teachers can make or break our future

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

For new readers of this column, we conduct an Accelerated Learning Workshop for public elementary and high-school teachers gratis et amore—free registration, books, meals and snacks, materials and supplies. We are on our third workshop and a very exciting one at that.

From our accounts of the first two days, we gathered a lot of reactions and here’s one from Dr. Cid Terosa: “I read your article on the workshop for teachers, and I must say that the behavior of the public-school teachers shocked me. I think teachers should be the most eager to learn; they should be paragons of learning, respect and discipline.”

So we continue with Days 3 and 4: 92 out of 108 teachers came back on Day 3 and a few more on Day 4 with a promise to make up in other workshops of their unattended days.

The teachers realized that attending the program is for their own good. They are in a blessed position to help children build a good foundation for a better tomorrow. They are in an enviable position of forming a formidable value system that makes for a better person, a loving member of a family, a contributing member of society and an upright peace-loving, patriotic citizen. They are in an influential position to guide the attitudes of the young and recast a positive worldview. They are key players in stimulating the keen interest of youngsters in lifelong learning, improvement and growth. They are in a critical position of developing leaders who will eventually run our government, academe, business and society, in general. They are in a desirable position of demonstrating that caring for others builds self and others’ esteem. They are in a fortunate position to promote the worth of diversity, innovation, creativity and candor. They are in a significant position of helping our youth create their future and equip them with the necessary competencies to carry on their plans towards a dream, transcend their humble beginning and the status quo. Teachers are in a vantage position to show children a world of possibilities.

Teachers are held by students in awe; they are placed in a pedestal of honor. Their every move and word is revered and imitated and held sacred. Unfortunately, some teachers choose to pursue a political agenda instead.

Well, all’s well that ends well. One volunteer trainer said: “Why don’t you have your program accredited by the Department of Education, so that teachers will be compelled to attend without complaints.” But my principle is that I want teachers to attend on their own volition. We have a relevant, useful, well-designed and fantastically delivered program with substantial content, handbook and materials; we couldn’t lose. We need teachers to attend the program because they want to improve their competency and not because they are gearing up for promotion or citations. So far, some 300 teachers have attended faithfully, participated actively and fulfilled the requirements of the program.

We want to keep everything at that and keep volunteerism alive. If teachers will not help themselves, who will help them? Our topnotch trainers (Egay Franco, Mau Alcazar, Butch Nayona, Mar Cuevas, Jenny Javier, Gods Lanuza, Rio Ordillano, Shirley Hombrebueno, Rene Mayol, Nikko Bantayan, Robin Rubina, Ces Munoz, Marge Lamberte and others. We need more volunteer trainers, please.) teach from the bottom of their heart (read, no fee). Our friends (Bert Tato and Roger Recoco,) give their heart, time, effort and pocket for our teachers. UPS Foundation and kind-hearted Samaritans who voluntarily sponsor teachers at P2,500 each (E.g. Daisy and Cocoy Alvior).

Or maybe we should start charging them registration fee.

With great teachers, our business world will be assured of well-educated, positive minded, creative and innovative, passionate about excellence and other-centric business partners in the future who would not be working solely for personal citations, honor and glory, but for the good of others.

Moje is president of Paradigms & Paradoxes Corp. She awaits your feedback at

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