Thursday, August 25, 2005

Innovation that promises to help the environment

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

By Moje Ramos-Aquino, FPM
Innovation that promises to help the environment

LET’S stay for a while on the topic of innovation. It amazes, intrigues, moves and gives hope. It brings to mind uplifting images of the Wright Brothers and their airplane, Edison and his incandescent lamp, Gates and his computer operating system, Jobs and his Apple computers, and scores of others who are making our lives now seemingly (to borrow the favorite word of RC Diliman president Bert Tato) comfortable and connected.

And the unnamed team who grew the Internet from a combination of computers, networking technologies and communication protocols has spawned other inventions such as optical fiber, network servers, local networks, mail servers, modems, personal computers, desktop applications such as e-mail and Web browsers, Internet portals such as AOL, cable internet providers such as Destiny Cable, retailers such as, website designed, Java programmers, and many other modern-day inventions and cyberspace businesses.

In 1905 Paul Harris formed the world’s first service club, the Rotary Club of Chicago, Illinois, USA, and the idea of pooling together resources, fellowship through service and contributing talent to help serve communities in need have been institutionalized in all countries in the world.

Nowadays focus of innovation is on safe, cheap energy and the protection of the environment. In many laboratories and garages in the world, I am sure that people are hard put at improving, discovering, inventing, creating and putting ideas, sounds, chemicals, feelings, natural resources, nuts, bolts, bits, bytes and others together in a race against rising fuel cost and the protection of the environment.

One such product comes in a very small bottle that contains five drops of robust organic materials that claim to help take as much as 30 percent off your fuel cost while saving your maintenance cost, protecting your engine system and extending engine durability and is environment-friendly.

Juro Endo and Marie Manalang of OJT International Trading Corp. are very excited about this product that has seem to come of age. Marie said that Juro brought this product from Japan 15 years ago, but there were no takers. That was the time when everybody could afford full gas tank and the air was clean and cool.

Marie said that PXBio is an organic biobased fuel treatment that improves fuel efficiency for diesel and gasoline engines. “It enhances engine durability, adds mileage to vehicles, saves fuel and prevents emission of harmful gas in exhaust fumes due to its perfect combustion. It disperses existing sludge in fuel tank and prevents new sludge from developing. It is easy to use, simply add one drop of PXBio into fuel at 1:10,000 ratio for bunker oil or 1 ml (1 drop) for every 10 liters of diesel or gasoline. PXBio is made with glycerine, oleic acid and methanol. It is now widely used in Korea and China.”

The benefits for industrial users, Marie emphasizes, are: on-line cleaning of the boiler/heater, cleans inaccessible areas, increases boiler efficiency, controls clinker formation, reduces stack temperature and flue gas temperature, increases metal life, protects metal from corrosion, reduces the frequency of cleaning and downtime, increases refractory life, improves draft corrosion.

Worth trying. You may get in touch with Marie at 892-0691 and e-mail

THANK YOU. It is heartening to receive help from somebody you don’t know from far away because she wants to help fellow Filipinos and she believes that teachers are important players in building our nation. Thank you, Liza P. Sulay of Mabolo, Cebu City, for your contribution toward the training of our public elementary-school teachers. Big thanks to service presidents Nilo Rapista (RC Loyola Heights), Vincent Mangubat (RC Mega EDSA) and Albert Tiu (RC Santo Domingo) for sponsoring teachers and to all service presidents of Rotary District 3780, especially Bert Tato, Nilo Diongzon, Ave Ang and Jun Marcelo for our successful induction.

Want to be a classroom guardian and adopt a classroom? All you need to do is shower the teachers with your caring and loving by visiting the classroom, become guest readers, share personal value system and success story and other creative ways of showing our teachers and our students that we care. Please text 0917-899-6653. Gawa, hindi ngawa!

(Moje is president of Paradigms & Paradoxes Corp. and RC Quezon City North. Her e-mail addy is

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