Thursday, April 21, 2005

Measures for key value creation processes

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

By Moje Ramos-Aquino, FPM
Measures for key value creation processes

Habemus papam! Prayers for Pope Benedict XVI.

As we rejoice and welcome the new Vicar of Christ, let’s move on with our Journey on Entrepreneurship using the Balanced Scorecard. These past many columns we’ve been identifying and discussing key value creation processes of different entrepreneurial endea¬vors.

According to the Baldrige Criteria for business excellence, these are your key product, service and business processes that create value for your customers and other key stake¬holders and improve your marketplace and operational performance.

In order to manage these processes, we need to measure them. To measure them, we need to identify, design, deploy, implement and perform them system-wide to meet the requirements of customers and integrate them to meet your organizational needs.

In his book, Balanced Scorecard Step by Step, Paul Niven identified a number of measures of internal process:
Average cost per transaction
On-time delivery
Average lead time
Inventory turnover
Environmental emissions
Research and development expense
Community involvement
Patents pending
Average age of patents
Ration of new products to total offerings
Labor utilization rates
Response time to customer requests
Defect percentage
Customer database availability
Breakeven time
Cycle time improvement
Continuous improvement
Warranty claims
Lead use identification
Products and services in the pipeline
Internal rate of return on new projects
Waste reduction
Space utilization
Frequency of returned purchases
Planning accuracy
Time to market of new products/services
New products introduced
Number of positive media story

It is also important that you have fact-based, systematic evaluation of these processes in place to ensure continuous improvement and organizational learning.

Next columns, we’ll benchmark with successful entrepreneurial ventures on how they measure their internal capabilities vs. their vision, mission, values and goals.

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